Monday, April 29, 2013

Promoting Yourself as an Artist Need not Be Costly

Just like any other freelancing professionals, you as an artist or illustrator would need to spend time to go out there and network with other people and offer your services.

You may be thinking about the costs of making yourself more visible to potential clients. But all it takes is a certain amount of creativity and careful planning to build a clientele.

Take a good look at the following:

Have a business card made.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on printing services just to have a business card. There are built-in publishing softwares like Microsoft Publisher that allows you to design and print your own card.

Choose a simple template and have your full name written out in a readable font that is no smaller than a size 12. Include the types of projects that you accept (i.e. pencil drawings, CD covers, family portraits, etc.). Or, place your title under your name, like Children's Book Illustrator or Caricature Artist. 

Make sure that your website can be navigated easily.

Having your own website can add tremendous credibility to your resume. Your clients can gain convenient access to samples of your art.

A digital camera is usually enough to take high-quality pictures. What's more important is the lay-out of your photos. Also, it might help to write brief yet appropriate captions under your photos.

It's best to use a black font on a white background.

Remember, most online users find it hard to read font set on a colored background. A font size of 12 or larger is ideal.

Provide enough relevant information.

Cite your educational background and achievements as an artist and put your contact information so you can be reached easily by interested clients.

Pump up your platform.

You must never stop learning and growing. Sign up for workshops to learn new techniques, or learn basic bookkeeping skills and frugal tips so you can handle your income well.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll show you creative ways to save money on art supplies.

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