Thursday, February 12, 2015

Want A Month's Worth of Paycheck by Year's End? Reduce Your Overhead Expenses (Part 3)

This is the last installment of this three-part article series, and I'll talk about two essential elements that comprise part of the routine of a freelancing professional.

Here's how to save up on --

Transportation and Meals

There are times when you have to go out and do research in a public library, or venues that allow access for research. You would need to plan your course of action carefully in order to maximize your days out. 

Setting a budget for transportation fares and meals is very important, especially if it will take more than a few days for you to find all the resources you need in libraries and other venues. 

A budget will prevent you from spending unnecessarily, causing you to deduct very little amounts from your cash flow. Consider the following in order to cut costs:

  • Pack a water bottle in your bag.
  • Bring a couple of sandwiches so as not to be tempted to turn to vending machines for soda and salty chips. Whole-wheat bread is best because it's extra filling.
  • Take the jeepney, bus, or train whenever possible. Riding taxi cabs can rack up horrendous amounts of cash.

I have talked about this in greater detail in a previous post (click here to read).

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