Friday, November 9, 2012

Freelancing -- The Perks and Privileges

If I were able to entice you with my introductory article about getting into freelancing, you may be left wondering if it would really be worth your while to be a freelancer in order to make money.

Now, I would be the first to say that every money-making venture, enterprise, or activity comes with certain risks. Although working on task-based projects and getting paid on a freelance basis doesn't carry a lot of risks, you also have every right to get access to information that is reliable and practical in order to set yourself up for freelancing success.  

Let me cite just a few of the fantastic perks and unique privileges that a competent freelance professional enjoys. Here they are:

  • A freelance worker who has nailed down his special skill or skills set can choose which projects to accept. If an offer doesn't sound appealing to him, he can simply decline politely, or, if he's included among a network of fellow freelancers, he can pass the job to another qualified worker who may be better able to accommodate the potential client's request.
  • If he is disciplined yet can remain flexible, a freelancer can pace himself and work around the hours that are most convenient for him.
  • A freelance worker who was able to master a highly specialized skill and can present himself to potential clients can command higher rates or fees. 
  • If he has set his rates and a potential client claims that he is "overcharging," or for any reason the client can not give a specific time frame for the completion of tasks, a freelance worker who knows how to negotiate his rates effectively will not come out on the losing end of the proposition.

So, was I able to whet your appetite even more? 

If you're still left unsure, I'll gradually introduce you to the mechanics of freelancing. Consider this a time to "test the waters," to know about what you're getting into.

Check back soon, and I'll talk about the life of the average freelance professional.

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