Thursday, November 1, 2012

To My Readers, Fellow Bloggers, and Aspiring Professional Freelance Workers...WELCOME!

Are you thinking of getting into something productive? Something that will allow you to put your talents and abilities to good use and make you earn lucratively?

Maybe you're an average employee who's working hard on a nine-to-five job, and you realized that instead of watching T.V. during weeknights and the weekends, you'd like to accept a few projects in order to augment your income from your monthly paycheck.

Or maybe you have a hobby that you may deem "odd," "quirky," or "unusual," and you're thinking about tapping into it but wondering about its potential to earn you some cash.

Still, you may think that after working for ten, fifteen, twenty or more years, you have nothing to offer but a set of skills that you deem is meant for "menial" tasks, and cannot do much to contribute to your earning capacity.

If you fit into any of the categories I mentioned above, I highly recommend that you start learning how to get into freelancing.

But first, allow me to lay down the ground about the basics of freelancing. The word freelance simply means not working for an employer, boss, or supervisor. A freelance worker is someone who taps into a skill or set of skills, hones them, and makes money by offering his services to the right kind of clientele. 

Let me just clarify that the word freelance should not be confused with the word amateur, or, even worse, unemployed, just because a freelancer is not in any company's payroll. 

There are a lot of perks and privileges that come with choosing to work as a professional freelancer. I'll discuss them in my next few articles.

(A Guide to Profitable Freelancing will be updated every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.)

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