Monday, January 21, 2013

A Run-Down on Resume Writers' Rates

Not too long ago, I did some research about how much money resume writers are making in the international market. It turned out that an experienced freelancer with the proper credentials could fetch as high as USD250.00 for every project.

That amount, when converted to our local currency, would be equivalent to roughly Php10,000.00. Since it's cheaper to establish a career in freelancing here in the Philippines, you would have to subtract at least several thousand pesos from your writers' fees, or local clients would find it ridiculous that you're charging horrendously high rates.

Now, understand that different resumes suit different types of job seekers. A new graduate with little to no job experience would mostly rely on his academic performance and involvement in extracurricular activities, and maybe a few internships or part-time jobs here and there.

Should this be the case, you are free to determine and adjust your rates, depending on the type of industry to which your client hopes to land an entry-level position.

If he's spent several years in the workplace and is hoping to move up the career ladder by applying for a higher position, or one that pays better, you will tackle extra tasks like sifting through your client's experience and highlighting his core competencies.

Also, it is possible that your client have pursued continuing education by signing up for seminars to upgrade his skills or handling additional responsibilities on the job. You would have to consider citing those credentials, too.

However way you choose and how much you deem it fit to set your rates, don't settle for the losing end either for fear of overcharging.

Stay tuned, because in my next few article installments, I'll talk about the two categories of job seekers that should merit special attention from the resume writer. 

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