Friday, January 25, 2013

Does Your Client Belong to A "High-Risk" Category?

If you provide resume writing services, you most certainly will come across clients who are eager to ease their way into the workplace, but, due to certain reasons, are anxious about proving their worth to potential employers.

These people belong to a category that I would call "high risk," which means that when their applications are not handled properly, the probability of them getting rejected during interviews are high.

Let me just cite a few examples of these high-risk clients:

(1.) The applicant who's done too much "career jumping" within a relatively short period of time.

We've all heard of the individual who went through periods of uncertainty in his career, when he was still maturing and slowly making the transition into the corporate world. As a result, it left him discontented and unhappy with one job after another.

Give your client the feeling of reassurance that he can get a job once again, but remind him that now, more than ever, he would need to show consistency should he be accepted to work.

Start by evaluating his strongest points -- his core competencies. If he's held a lot of jobs, check to see any recurring tasks or projects that was assigned to him and build from them.

Next, draw up a list of any additional credentials that your client may have. He may have been to a series of seminars in his previous jobs, so if any of them are relevant to the position for which he's vying, be sure to write them down.

Don't neglect that in addition to his "hard skills," your client has "soft skills," or personality traits that are unique and, when applied on the job, could make your client more productive. As you start enumerating your client's strengths, consistently use action verbs as a way to showcase his capability. 

Stay tuned, because in my next few installments, I'll cite other categories of high risk job seekers.

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