Monday, May 20, 2013

Popular Sites for Freelancers -- What Should You Expect?

Throughout my ten-year career as a freelance writer, I have come across almost a dozen websites where professionals like myself can find jobs and get paid while working from home.

In this article, I will not attempt to cite an exhaustive list of these websites. Rather, I would like to brief you in on what you should expect from these possible goldmines for freelance workers.

Take a look at the following:

(1.) You must have a set of marketable skills

These sites require freelance professionals to have a skills set that will be an asset to a certain kind of clientele. Look at your skills and try to determine at least three and make them your specialty. 

To illustrate, if you're a writer, your specialty can range anywhere from blogging to creative writing, to translating and copywriting. If you're into website development, you can offer services in graphic design, HTML, or generating traffic.

(2.) You must provide information on how you prefer to be paid.

The most commonly used methods of payment are PayPal and Xoom. In the Philippines, sites like pay their writers through a bank or other modes of payment like Globe GCash.

(3.) You must be qualified to work.

If you've come across , you may have found out that, in addition to your skills set, you must take several online exams to strengthen your credentials and prove your competency. Working from home may afford you some levels of comfort, but remember, all reputable sites for freelancers require their workers to be capable of performing the tasks that the job requires you to do.

(4.) Know your ideal pay range before you start accepting jobs.

Freelancing sites pay their workers in U.S. dollars, and you will be asked to provide your desired hourly rate. Freelancers with barely two years of experience usually start at the lower end of the pay scale (e.g. USD25-USD30 per hour), while those who are seasoned can command as high as USD45-USD55 per hour.

When trying to determine your pay range, take time to honestly assess your skills, experience, and your working hours. Don't settle for an unreasonably high hourly rate if you feel like you cannot justify it, but don't sell yourself short either. When in doubt, start by charging somewhere in the median range. 

(5.) Being professional is key.

While freelancing from home has nearly eliminated the aspect of interacting face-to-face with clients, you're still expected to work within a level that meets, or even exceeds, your client's expectations. Build a good reputation by being prompt in turning in work of excellent quality.

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