Friday, May 24, 2013

What Can You Do to Get Credentials? (Part 2)

(4.) Be alert for possible internships.

Don't bypass the opportunity even if you land a non-paid internship. What's more important is acquiring the right mindset and cultivating work ethics that are extremely necessary for anyone to succeed.

(5.) Offer to teach or mentor others.

You can teach in a one-on-one setting, or team up with your fellow professional freelancers and facilitate your own seminars or workshops.

Teaching or mentoring brings you a host of advantages aside from making you  more credible as a professional. Because you'll most likely come across students who still have a lot to learn about your topic, you have to continually adjust yourself to their level of comprehension so they can easily grasp the lessons. This will hone your ability to exhibit patience, and develop your communication skills further.

Also, working with other professional freelancers will teach you the value of cooperation and thinking in terms of what's best for your group.

And should you decide to charge a fee for your services, you'll also learn to give your students the best deal for their money's worth.

All five suggestions create a win-win situation for freelance professionals. Stay tuned, because in my next topic, I'll talk about the importance of having funds to continually improve as a freelancer.

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