Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coping With Distractions and Interruptions, Part 2

In my previous post, I have cited the first three common types of distractions that are most likely to disrupt a freelancer's routine. Here are the remaining two:

(4.) Household chores

If you do freelance work as your main source of income, make sure that your family understands that you need blocks of uninterrupted time to get your projects done. 

There are plenty of things that you can do to save time on doing chores. You can pay to have your laundry done or hire someone to run errands for you. You can also buy groceries in bulk to lessen the need to shop.

If you have children, get them involved in activities like meal preparation and train them to make their own beds and put away their dirty clothes.

(5.) Unexpected visits

If water, telephone, and electricity bills are still being delivered in your doorstep, check to see if it would be possible for you to pay online, or have a couple of days every month where all you do is settle the bills.

There can also be instances when friends would drop by, wanting some of your time, possibly to talk about concerns or problems with their children, spouse, etc. 

Now, listening to your friends can sap your energy and leave you emotionally drained. But you shouldn't avoid or ditch your friends. In fact, you have to make an effort to maintain the closeness you have, especially since you work at home and will not have plenty of interactions outside. When visits from friends become all too frequent, simply set a date to meet with them, either to have lunch or coffee. It's okay to give yourself a break once in a while.

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