Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ever Thought About Sharing Your Expertise?

As a professional freelancer, you have the option to make a profit by offering to teach in a seminar or workshop.

All throughout my ten-year career as a writer, I have been to more than several workshops, and I realized that there will always be people out there who would be willing to pay a fee in order to learn something new or further hone a skill or competency.

It's also a fact that the most valued employees in the workplace today are the ones who have specialized knowledge and can apply that knowledge to make tasks easier.

Also, I've read about a human resource practitioner who declared upfront that she is turned off by job applicants who state "computer literate" in their resumes. What she's looking for is someone who can confidently claim that he's "proficient in XHTML" (or JavaScript, mySQL, C++, etc.).

Not everyone was blessed with the capacity to acquire technological skills easily, so if you can teach the rudiments of computer programming, you have an audience for sure.

Likewise, proficiency in oral and written communications has been listed among the ten most coveted transferable skills, and I always notice announcements in newspapers about a weekend course that will aim to teach writing business correspondence effectively. 

As you can see, you have plenty to offer as a freelancer. You can take advantage of your freedom to set up a flexible schedule to teach seminar participants. 

In my next few articles, I'll provide some basic guidelines for making your seminar a success.

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