Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Cut Your Time Writing Emails by at Least One-Third (Part 2)

In my previous article, I have talked about the importance of writing effective emails as a way of soliciting a continuous supply of freelance projects. However, communicating through email can be extremely time-consuming, too, so I strongly recommend having several email templates prepared in order to trim your writing time by nearly one-third. 

Here are the other remaining email templates that are crucial to a freelancer's career:

A template that can be tailor-made into various cover letters when you bid for projects at freelancer's web sites.

Web sites like SkillPages and FreelanceSwitch are a freelancer's haven, because they're like one-stop shops that not just aim to orient you into the world of freelancing, but to lead you to potential clients who need people like you who charge at competitive rates for their services. I encourage you to bid for the most lucrative projects if you know you're capable of turning in an excellent job and are worth every cent.

However, keep in mind that applications are time-bound, and you will be competing with dozens of other qualified freelancers out there. You need to present yourself in the most professional way possible and highlight your strengths.

You don't need to provide all pertinent details about you and your work. A one- to two-paragraph email is usually adequate. You may find the following helpful:

I would like to apply as a blogger for your construction firm. For the past five years I have been a contributing writer to design magazines such as (state names of publication here). I'm also an SEO specialist who have been featured in the following blogs: (Provide URL)

I have thoroughly read your ad that says you are seeking for a Web Developer. I have worked part-time for a non-profit organization where I assumed responsibilities in the operation and maintenance of their web site. I'm also proficient in (state all relevant qualifications).

Stay tuned for my next articles where I'll cite the remaining three important email templates.

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  1. Great article Ronali, some brilliant advice for those trying to make it as a freelancer. Thanks for the SkillPages mention, glad to know we are like "freelancer's haven"!

    Colette Sexton
    PR Representative