Friday, April 10, 2015

Creating Additional Streams of Income

While being a freelancing professional offers plenty of perks, you may find it beneficial to look for other ways to earn, or create additional income streams.

You may have realized that having a sideline or two helps in establishing a regular cash flow faster. Dry spells are a reality in the life of a freelancer who's just starting out. The money that you earn from your sidelines will cushion the blows of dry spells and will prevent you from doubting yourself.

As an unexpected bonus, you get to hone another set of skills, or discover new ones you may have never dreamt you possessed.

I held other jobs and worked on a variety of tasks aside from freelance writing. I once had a friend who hired me to format while proofreading political speeches using Microsoft Word, and I charged a rate that was fairly competitive in spite of me being a newbie during that time.

I was also sought by a couple of job applicants who needed an editor to tweak their resumes. I have ghostwritten first-person articles and essays and helped corporate professionals with business correspondence.

In 2007 I got into the business of designing greeting cards and selling them for a profit. I did this during the holidays, when demand for Christmas cards is at its peak.

And all these tasks and new responsibilities didn't distract me from writing. Because I was getting paid for being more productive, I was able to build my cash stash, and this afforded me more time to write.

And having more time to write led me to start this blog in November 2012. By maintaining a blog, I trained myself to write content of the highest possible quality and incorporate SEO techniques.

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