Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Ways Freelancers Can Benefit From Networking

Sometimes, when you tell people that you freelance for a living, they almost nearly assume that you're a virtual hermit, since the majority of freelancing professionals work from their home office.

While we as freelancers may have limited time or opportunities for face-to-face interactions, networking, or taking part in a group with other freelancing professionals whose expertise complement or are similar to our skills, is deemed as a valuable tool in our field.

Working and trying to make it on your own is lonely enough, and can sometimes cause a certain level of anxiety to freelancers. So there's really no reason you should avoid networking. 

Once you start squirming at the thought of exposing yourself to more people, pump up your confidence and keep these five benefits in mind:

(1.) Freelancers get plenty of support when teaming up with other freelancers.

If you query the associate and managing editors of magazines, you may need the services of a photographer every now and then. Photographs can enhance the layout of a published article among a magazine's pages. If you want to make it as a travel writer, or wish to write about events that have historical or cultural value or otherwise, having a reliable photographer under your wing is a must.

However, photographs aren't the only way to enhance text with visuals. If you blog and you're serious about making money with your blog, you may include graphics or webinars among your posts. You can contact an experienced graphic artist, videographer, or video editor to help you do the job.

Or consider this: if you're landing huge projects that stretch for several weeks or even months, you may need to outsource part of the transcription, filing, and billing tasks to a virtual assistant.

These are just a few of the ways networking can prove to be beneficial to freelancers. It's like a division of labor. Why burden yourself with tasks that aren't within the scope of your expertise if you can assign them to someone who can do them well?

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