Thursday, March 20, 2014

Five Ways Freelancers Can Benefit From Networking (Part 3)

By now you may have figured out that no freelancer must conduct his business as "a lone wolf," and there are several good reasons for a partnership with other freelancing professionals.

Here's the next good reason:

(3.) Your fellow freelancer can be a potential client.

Imagine teaming up with a group of six to eight, or even more freelancing professionals. That would also mean having at least a couple of leads, or opportunities, to land several gigs or projects, resulting to a rosier annual bottom line.

Because whether you're an article writer or copyeditor, or offer SEO copywriting services, or design websites or logos for companies, another freelancer whose expertise and skills fall into a category different from yours will surely need your services at one time or another.

And if you attempt to "bait" potential clients with discount rates as part of your marketing strategy, a fellow freelancer would prefer to outsource tasks to you. It would save him the time (and trouble) of looking for a suitable professional to do the job, and if you offer discount rates, you're also helping your fellow freelancer to save money. Both time and money are precious commodities in the field of freelancing.

Once a fellow freelancer gives you a task-based project and he ends up satisfied with your work, you can get a bonus: your fellow freelancer would be more than glad to have some of their clients referred to you once they get swamped with projects. That would be a terrific and cost-effective way to shorten any dry spells you may still be experiencing from time to time.

Of course, your fellow freelancer has to collect a commission from you because of client referrals, but it actually creates a win-win situation for both of you because you're helping him increase his cash flow, too.

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