Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Ways Freelancers Can Benefit From Networking (Part 4)

A willingness to improve in your craft, persistence, resourcefulness, and dedication will, in the long run, make you a success as a freelancing professional.

And spending time with people who sail in the same boat as yours must not be an option, but a given. So here's the next benefit that networking can give you:

(4.) You can alert each other about up-and-coming conventions, workshops, lectures, or seminars.

Participating in these events will bring you numerous advantages. You can study a subject or topic with greater depth, or learn new innovations in your field, which can lead you to approach your job with added confidence.

And since facilitators and organizers grant a certificate to participants, these certificates will serve as a big boost to your resume. 

As a bonus, you and a few others in your network can avail of possible discounts offered by organizers to participants who will sign up as a group.

Let me just mention that signing up for a workshop or seminar isn't the only way to take a class and learn from an expert. You and your network can rent a room in a multi-purpose hall (or try converting a living or dining room) and invite a seasoned facilitator or speaker to educate you about topics that concern everyone in your network. 

You can also chip in and order audio CDs or DVDs and listen or watch them together.

Stay tuned as I attempt to round up this five-part article series in my next post. 

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