Friday, May 15, 2015

Events, Celebrations, and Holidays: What Makes Them Your Best Allies in Freelancing? (Part 3)

You may not be aware that the holidays are not just a festive season for celebrations. This is also the time when small businesses or niche enterprises prefer to outsource part of their work load to freelancers like accountants or bookkeepers.

While it's not advisable to look into large placement agencies, corporations, or conglomerates for freelance jobs, you can find a wealth of opportunities among smaller or niche enterprises.

There are businesses that sell handcrafted merchandise that may need to hire "extra hands" to help them keep up with bulk orders. And don't neglect entrepreneurs who sell through stalls, booths, and bazaars. They will most probably want strategically placed ads on social media -- a goldmine for copywriters -- so potential customers can find them.

Most people may not look forward to tax season, but it offers infinite possibilities for freelancers, too. If you can help a small business owner straighten out his ledger or organize his spreadsheets, financial or bank statements, or help him identify possible tax deductions, don't be shy about making a few cold calls or writing several LOIs and offer your services.

If you regularly network with other freelancing professionals and attend conventions, you can make the most of referrals from your fellow freelancers who are swamped with projects, provided you keep up-to-date in paying them commissions.

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