Thursday, May 7, 2015

Events, Celebrations, and Holidays: What Makes Them Your Best Allies in Freelancing? (Part 2)

In my previous post, I gave several ideas about the potential of seasonal opportunities. Since freelancing professionals must be flexible at all costs, they are the ideal group of workers to take advantage of these irregular yet recurring sources of income.

Freelance directors and video editors should take advantage of occasions like a debutante's ball, a wedding, or a wedding anniversary. These celebrations remain to be some of the grandest and most memorable in a person's life, and freelancers will always have clients who would want them to capture those precious moments on video.

If you're a photographer, you may be in demand in the above-mentioned celebrations, too. You may also want to team up with freelance writers who wish to cover events around town, like an indie author in her first book signing, an exhibit of up-and-coming artists, or a new fitness center offering classes. Magazines pay more if manuscripts come with photos that look professional.

Likewise, bloggers may need your services if they want to write a series of articles where pictures might make reading easier for online users. If they publish time-sensitive articles, bloggers will benefit more from photos that enhance their blog's layout and help them get their important points across to their readers.

Also, in this age of social media, niche entrepreneurs don't need a huge budget to "launch" a product. Copywriters, social media specialists, and web content writers can be a huge help in advertising merchandise and services by coming up with a carefully moderated Facebook Page, or an account in Instagram or Pinterest.

And almost any product or service can be advertised on Facebook these days -- from baked goodies and T-shirts to scrapbooking services and making wedding invitations. Christmas is just one of those seasons when customers look for products or services provided by niche enterprises.

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