Monday, March 25, 2013

How Can You Help as a Copywriter?

In my last post about writing a sales pitch, I have talked about catching your potential client's attention by baiting him with the first few lines of your letter.

The next step would be to follow through with concisely written information about your credentials and experience as a copywriter, and why you're the one who's most qualified to help your potential client.

Look at the following paragraph written as follow-up information for Mr. Ramirez:

With your passion for community outreach in mind, I would like to propose a project for Kennel Club that will come in the form of a public information campaign. 

I would like to help you craft solicitation letters so you can raise funds to publish a monthly newsletter with articles for dog owners, breeders, and active participants of dog shows. This newsletter can be sent through postal mail to the members of your Club to keep them abreast of current information about their hobby.

(In this part of your sales pitch, you are speaking authoritatively as you make a suggestion about a possible partnership with Mr. Ramirez. Notice that you have to be as specific as possible about what you hope the project will achieve, and you thought about the kind of readers that will most benefit from your newsletter project.)

I am a freelance copywriter with seven years of experience in conceptualizing and implementing cost-effective marketing campaigns, and I have spent the last two years helping professionals identify their goals in their careers or businesses and guiding them towards achieving their goals by taking concrete steps.

(This part of your letter requires that you cite the credentials that make you qualified for the project. Remember, your sales pitch is not the place for you to be modest about your skills, since you'll likely be competing with a number of other freelancers.)

I would be glad to hear from you to further discuss my offer. You can get in touch with me through the contact numbers I have provided in my business card, which I have enclosed along with samples of my past work. I can set up an appointment with you at a time that is mutually convenient.

(Your Name Here)

(The last paragraph of your letter is crucial, since you have to encourage Mr. Ramirez to take action. There are freelancers who prefer conducting the bulk of their correspondence through email, so if you don't want to take phone calls, provide your email address.)

Stay tuned, because in my next articles I'll talk about jobs in design and illustration.

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