Monday, March 18, 2013

Want to Bag Lucrative Copywriting Projects? Volunteer!

If you're just starting out as a copywriter, one of the best ways to get yourself trained is to offer to write copy for non-profit organizations or businesses that operate on a small-scale level.

Oftentimes, non-profit organizations have to stick to a budget in order to launch programs like raising public awareness for a cause. And the tighter the budget, the more they have to be creative with reaching as many people as possible. And this is when they'll most likely need a copywriter who can rub a professional touch to their campaign while working pro-bono, or without pay.

Small business owners who wish to generate more sales are also tapping into inexpensive ways to make their products or services known to the general public. Nowadays copywriting has extended to raising brand awareness by utilizing popular social media sites like Facebook and Multiply.

Begin by thinking about the things or causes with which you feel most passionate. Let's say you've always enjoyed reading for pleasure and recreation, and books have always been a staple in your shopping list.

Now, there are plenty of organizations like a group of teachers and professors, or writers and publishers' groups that launch literacy campaigns by holding book drives. For the book drive to be deemed successful, these organizers would need to get people to donate as many used and second-hand books as possible.

Now, how can you, as a copywriter, persuade people that getting in on the literacy campaign would be an excellent way to allot a fraction of their time in donating books?

Embark on a brainstorming session. If you could relay the message in a poster, remember to "write tight." Bait people with something short yet catchy, something that would unfailingly spark their interest, like the following:

Did You Know?

And then follow up by writing the rest of your ad.

When you have several of these "spec ads," or samples of advertising copy, it's time to put together a media kit to present to your potential client.

Stay tuned as I discuss more of this on my next post. 

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