Friday, March 15, 2013

How Do You Convert Productivity Into Profit?

Would you like to know the secrets to earning your desired income from freelancing? Here it is:
  • Raise your level of productivity by sticking to a weekly schedule so you can work without interruptions.
  • Be aggressive in promoting yourself and your services.

The best way to stick to a schedule is to track your activities by keeping a record where you can enter or write down what you did every hour, everyday, for five to six days of the work week. By doing so, you end up with proof on which type of projects are prone to giving you a certain level of difficulty, and which are easier to handle.

This method is also effective if you want to prevent yourself from getting distracted, like resolving to go back to that graphic design job even if your favorite T.V. program is on.

To illustrate further, as a writer who offers feature articles to magazines, I email my queries to editors during Mondays or Tuesdays. By doing that, the editor has the rest of the week to read my query and the sample articles that I have submitted as clips. And while I wait for the editor's reply, I'm free to tackle other projects and assignments.

Having the ability to meet deadlines is crucial for a faster turn-over rate. Let's say you were able to dispatch a proofread manuscript to your client on a Friday. Your client emails you next Monday and praises you for "a job well done" and asks you to bill him. While preparing a Statement of Account, you can then proceed to start on another assignment.

Do keep coming back, because in my next articles, I'll talk about cost-effective strategies for advertising yourself and your freelance services.

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