Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Cut Your Time Writing Emails by at Least One-Third (Part 5)

As I round up this five-part article series about cutting your time composing emails, here's the last type of template you must learn to write:

A template expressing thanks and telling your client that you'd like to work with them again should they need your services.

In the field of freelancing, it's always easier to eventually build a network of repeat clients, which means those that would be willing to hire you every time a new project comes up, than you going around looking for new clients again and again. 

This is the main reason doing your best and being professional can't be stressed often enough. Clients enjoy working with freelancers who possess a positive attitude towards their job, has initiative, and is creative and flexible. 

And clients already know that they'll get a real bargain by hiring a freelancer because they'll pay less for the services, so finding a freelancer who prioritizes quality and excellence is like discovering a goldmine. So think about the advantages of having six, eight, or more repeat clients giving you jobs year-round.

So once each client has paid every remaining balance, compose a thank-you email. Here are a few samples that you can use:

Here's to acknowledge your payment of (state amount of remaining balance) made through (state mode of payment) for my copywriting services. Thank you for being prompt. Should you need a copywriter in the future, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

I appreciate the way you've entrusted me with applying guerrilla marketing to sell tickets for your three-day event that is aimed towards raising cultural awareness and appreciation of literature.  

As a freelancer who has participated in literary festivals and awareness campaigns, I would like to help you promote any of your succeeding events.

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