Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making an Upgrade

In my previous post, I talked about making an upgrade to keep sustaining yourself as a professional freelancer. Here are the other essentials that you must get:

(3.) A basic bookshelf

After several years of freelancing, you must have figured out what your specialties are and chose to focus on those. Take it to the next level and start investing in books about your specialties.

Other people may argue that everything can be Googled these days, and if you were smart, you should have joined at least a couple of networking groups for freelancers.

But reading to keep abreast of the latest developments in freelancing still remains to be an important aspect if you don't want your career to become stagnant. 

A bookshelf is also needed if you submit feature articles to editors, and you have a growing collection of published articles in magazines.

(4.) A filing cabinet

Freelancing professionals who learn to manage their work load, schedule, and income will eventually stabilize their cash flow. Attaining a five- or even six-figure salary is not totally impossible, even for freelancers.

Your files must always be kept current, and make sure to double-check for accuracy. You need documents as proof of your transactions and cash flow. 

Financially stable freelancers here in the Philippines may start thinking about getting some form of coverage and making monthly contributions to the Social Security System

Also, affordable health care is being made available these days to freelancers. However, I'm not in the best position to help you determine the best company where you can get access to health care. If you're interested, make sure to do some research and talk it over with your family.

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