Monday, October 21, 2013

The Importance of Keeping A Paper Trail

In my previous post, I named a "sticky situation" that a professional freelancer is sure to encounter in his career and possible solutions to save face while still maintaining professionalism. 

Here's another one for which you must watch out:

Sticky Situation #2: Billing a Client When You Have Incurred A Lot of Expenses

The danger: Your client may feel like you're charging him unjustly.

Your way out: Keep a paper trail.

Keeping a paper trail involves getting all your expenses accounted. Develop a system and enter any data that have to do with money you spent within the given time frame for the project.

You must be ready to submit a document with a breakdown for the following:
  • Meal expenses, although keep in mind that paying for three Starbucks lattes when you could have had a meal at an affordable diner is never reasonable.
  • Money you spent for your fare.
  • If you drove a car and spent money for gas, keep the receipt and have it photocopied. Have one copy for your client and one to be kept among your files.

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