Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Review: What Makes These Five Blogs So Effective?

You have probably noticed that I like using samples and illustrations to drive home important points and concepts to my readers. I will now mention five different types of blogs that are thriving in the blogosphere and review each one of them.

Let's take a look at the first one:

Greeting Card Designer (click here to view blog)

I am partial to this particular blog because I have a home-based greeting card business just like Kate Harper, the site's publisher and editor. Ms. Harper's blog has amassed a huge following since its birth in 2007.

This blog is focused primarily on starting a card business from scratch. The articles are overflowing with sound advice about making your own line of greeting cards a stand-out among other home-based businesses.

Judging from the blog's lay-out -- clean, clear, and crisp -- Ms. Harper favors a minimalist style. Her cards and products reflect her no-fuss and subdued approach to marketing. They're simple and hardly over-the-top, but they pack a punch and the messages never fail to deliver.

Photos are used sparingly. There are also a lot of information about submitting text and artwork to greeting card companies.

The site is easy to navigate and so far, I haven't encountered any dead links. Most of the ads promote books that give detailed information about different aspects of card making.

Ms. Harper's advice is practical for the layman and can be easily implemented. I would recommend this blog to anyone who aspires to get into freelance writing or illustrating for greeting cards, or those who would like to put up a business selling cards, but may not want to deal with highly technical or specialized "business speak." 

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