Friday, February 14, 2014

A Review: What Makes These Five Blogs So Effective? (Part 5)

This will be my final article about making money through blogging. By now, I hope you were able to acquire a basic understanding regarding how blogs work and what makes some bloggers stand out from the rest. 

Today I will talk about Fit For Wealth (click here to view blog), the last among the five blogs which, in my opinion, have gained a following because they appeal so well among their target audience.

Fit For Wealth was published by Jake Lingan, who graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Information Technology but found that his purpose lies in investment and personal finance management.

What struck me most about Lingan's blog is he writes with the aim of simplifying and breaking everything down into terms that the typical layman can understand.

Celine Roque's Frugal Pinoy and Fit For Wealth are similar in terms of pinning down the number of habits that are deeply rooted among Filipinos -- habits that have proven to be setbacks and disadvantages to financial progress.

Both Roque and Lingan are quick to warn their readers about being lured into get-rich-quick schemes, which have drained the pockets of numerous Filipinos in recent years.

But there the similarities end. While Roque is adept at providing practical steps that can be applied immediately, Lingan, with his years of experience as a Financial Adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor and Financial Planner, goes into greater depth by shedding insights to the world of mutual funds and stock trading, areas from which most Filipinos dare not thread due to limited information or the wrong mindset.

I highly recommend Fit For Wealth to any Filipino, regardless of his career or current financial status, who doesn't want to leave anything to fate or chance when it comes to planning his finances. While the adage still rings true that money cannot buy happiness, money allows certain freedoms, like having more than enough for altruistic acts or projects of philanthropy. 

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