Monday, February 10, 2014

A Review: What Makes These Five Blogs So Effective? (Part 3)

After talking about what makes Greeting Card Designer and Frugal Pinoy click, here's the third blog that's gaining quite a following in the blogosphere:

Hoop Nut (click here to view blog)

Published by Enzo Flojo, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University situated in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines, and good friend Rolly Mendoza, also from the same university, Hoop Nut has lived up to its tag line: "Basketball never stops; we don't either."

Written in a style that is a lot less formal than those by sports columnists that come out in daily broadsheets, Flojo and Mendoza are just as credible as they are engaging. The site is filled not just with the latest news about the NBA, PBA, UAAP, and other well-known basketball leagues, but also detailed analyses and insights that can only flow from the pen (or in this case, keyboard) of two hoop fanatics. 

It is evident from every article that Flojo and Mendoza know their audience really well, which is the majority of Filipinos who possess not just a fascination or casual interest, but obsession, with the game of basketball.

And just like the two previous blogs that I have mentioned, photos in Hoop Nut are used sparingly and ads are strategically placed, therefore enhancing the overall layout.

Aside from allowing easy navigation, the site is also interactive and welcomes comments from online readers. Flojo and Mendoza moderate comments in order to keep them in line with Hoop Nut's style and theme. 

Hoop Nut can serve as the less expensive alternative to all those glossy basketball magazines published locally and overseas. I highly recommend this blog to the more mobile audience who'd like to keep tab of basketball news while being on the go.

Hoop Nut is also a good read and can be a terrific stress reliever for dads (and even sports-minded moms) who are busy working and raising their families, and may have little time to spare for recreational activities.

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