Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Review: What Makes These Five Blogs So Effective? (Part 4)

After citing three blogs, let me now talk about one that is hosted by Kevin Sanders, a Caucasian Christian missionary who lived here in the Philippines for nine years.

With the tag line Be Pure, Be Blessed, Be Wise, Kevin Sanders (click here to view blog) prefers to be addressed as Kuya Kevin. He came to Manila to preach and reach out to as many teenagers and young adults as possible.

He had one passion burning in his heart: that the youth may choose to be sexually pure in mind and body and save themselves for marriage.

Kuya Kevin has utilized blogging as a powerful tool to spread his message to his online readers, and he admitted assuming the role of a "cyber pastor."

While he is consistent and has never compromised the importance of being rooted to Christian values, Kuya Kevin is also fully aware that the current culture ensnares many teens and young adults into a lifestyle that is far from what God intended for them. 

And having lived as a single man before meeting and marrying his wife Mare Cris, a Filipina, he has been through some of the struggles that are common to single men his age.

Kuya Kevin is upfront and writes in a no-nonsense style, but the youth will be impressed and find his tone refreshing because he never comes across as a minister delivering a sermon in the pulpit.

What's even more engaging than his style of writing is that he provides constructive and practical steps that will surely inspire and encourage young adults to pursue excellence even in their romantic relationships.

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