Monday, April 21, 2014

Harness the Mindset of a Consumer and Make Money

This next series of articles will teach freelance writers, bloggers, and graphic artists to earn money by operating from this philosophy:

Help people be more mindful of their spending by empowering them to be informed consumers.

In our modern age, holding down a job and getting a regular paycheck is one thing, but even more important is setting aside at least a substantial portion of your monthly paycheck for savings. 

Therefore, anyone who's making serious bucks should look for practical advice and tips on cutting down, or keeping expenses, at bay.

When coming up with a monthly or weekly budget, the majority of consumers are most concerned about cutting back on --
  • food, including expenses when eating out and celebrating with family members or friends.
  • apparel and shoes.
  • grocery items.
  • appliances.
  • entertainment.
  • expenses for vacations and trips. 

As you can see, the items mentioned above make up our most basic needs, but anyone can spend inordinately on just one or a few, to the point of excluding nearly everything else.
There are thousands of blogs, magazines, and other periodicals out there that will never run out of space for freelance writers who can make consumers' lives easier when they're out shopping. And if you can enhance your articles with visuals like graphics or charts to verify your claims, you can be assured of a higher honorarium rate. 

When brainstorming on possible topics, you can build your articles on the following:

  • Spending more on items that you'll use for a longer period of time.
  • Preferring second-hand or used items that are still in good condition, with the intent to save on a couple thousand pesos or dollars.
  • Scrimping on trendy, or "fadish," items.
  • Looking for alternative forms of recreation that are a lot less expensive.
  • What to do to save money when planning a trip or a vacation.

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