Thursday, April 3, 2014

Increase Your Chances of Success by Making Smarter Attempts (Part 3)

In my previous article, I have cited another possible instance of "missing the mark," or a situation where you weren't exactly rejected by a possible client, but you won't be working anytime soon for them, either.

Of course, you want to remain productive while waiting to get some outsourced projects. If this is the case, making smarter attempts may mean any of the following: 

First, carefully examine the articles published in the website you found and try to gather any ideas that could be developed into articles. Maybe there were some aspects about the advocacy that haven't been fully discussed. You can turn them into feature articles and have them slanted towards another market: health magazines. 

Second, look for other sites with a similar "Fitness for Less" advocacy through Google or other search engines. Check to see if they have a Submissions or Write for Us page, and then email them a query.  

Third, if you can write effective copy and sales pitches, get in touch with health club owners or fitness instructors that organize classes. Some of these classes are advertised online, and owners of fitness clubs are constantly looking for ways to get more people to enroll. 

Keep in mind that incorporating a few widely accepted facts about the benefits of physical activity and presenting them in a way that sounds enticing to the layman has proven to be a foolproof marketing strategy. 

Also, enrollment rates will likely increase if fitness classes will be made more accessible and affordable. In your email, cite several feasible proposals like giving discounted rates to people who will sign up by groups or slashing 30 percent off on a person's fee if he were referred by someone who's already participating in classes.

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