Friday, April 25, 2014

Vacations vs. "Stay"-cations, and How Families Can Save But Still Have Fun

In addition to weekends, there are school breaks all throughout the year when kids are given time away from the rigors of the classroom. And parents look for ways to keep their kids preoccupied and entertained during school breaks. 

And coming up with ideas on what to do during these breaks may be your gateway for getting published in parenting magazines.

Very recently, a number of articles have enumerated the benefits of families having "stay"-cations, or choosing to stay at home and have lots of activities over going on a trip abroad, where expenses for airfare, hotel rates, and food are sure to rack up a huge amount.

However, it can also be noted that several airlines, from time to time, offer promos like affordable trips to popular theme parks like Hong Kong Disneyland, and many parents are looking into this as a cost-effective way to take a vacation.

As you can see, there is a goldmine of ideas for articles from these contrasting points of view. But regardless of whether you're for a "stay"-cation or vacation, put your emphasis on the following:
  • The joys of getting together and spending time as a family
  • The value of relaxation, and how it can make both parents and kids feel recharged
  • Getting the kids excited about planning the activities, games, snacks, and refreshments. This will encourage kids to be as imaginative as possible and let their creative juices flow.

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