Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pitching Ideas to Parenting Magazines: Keep the Mindset of Consumer Moms and Dads in Mind

If you're a freelance writer and you'd like to break into parenting magazines, an excellent way to launch your career would be to pitch ideas for articles on how parents and families can achieve financial wellness.

Consider these facts: Even if this may be the age of two-income households, the majority of married couples prefer to keep their families small to keep expenses at bay. And yet, disagreement over financial issues still remain to be one of the most common triggers of marital disputes. 

There are a variety of other reasons that articles about finances are perennially welcome in parenting magazines. A couple may go through stages in their marriage, but money, or issues about money, must always be settled if marital harmony were to be preserved. 

The good news is you need not be a financial expert or certified adviser to give solid advice to readers.  Since parenting magazines hope to appeal to couples of all income brackets, managing editors prefer contributions from freelance writers of different stripes.

You may be a parent yourself, and you and your spouse are working as a team to provide for your children. And surely, even single adults who practice frugal spending habits have something worthwhile to share.

So, to get you started, let me cite some of the most common concerns among parents: 
  • Living within their means by coming up with a household budget, which may include payment for rent, food, clothing, water, electricity, telephone, and utility bills
  • Paying for their kids' education
  • Spending money on entertainment, trips, and vacations 
  • Setting aside a portion of their income for savings and investments
  • Saving for their retirement  

In my next few articles I'll talk about possible ways to approach these issues.

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