Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Make an Extra Php1,000-Php2,000 Monthly

As a freelancing professional, you will soon learn that part of your success will lie in your ability to communicate and negotiate effectively with people. But what if I tell you that there's another skill that, if you will just take enough time to master, can be a surefire way for you to rake in additional income?

Here it is:

Make people's lives easier.

Yes, you read that right, especially with entrepreneurs. Even those that are in the process of growth and expansion still seek ways to keep their operations as simplified as possible to manage costs.

You can use this to your advantage. If you have an extra hour or two all throughout the week or during weekends, think, "How can I use this time to help others end up with a rosier bottom line while helping myself as well?"

One of the best ways to earn a thousand-peso bill or two a month is to write collection letters for people who offer rooms or houses for rent. Often, one of the main problems of owners is tenants making delayed payments, or making the decision to leave the vicinity with delinquent accounts.

Be informed that within areas where people place a high value on real estate, homeowners usually ask for an amount of Php7,000 to as high as Php12,000 monthly. While this may be lucrative, it can cause some significant problems in the long run if not handled properly. 

As you can see, homeowners would do anything to prevent any amount of money to remain as an outstanding balance, as this will be disastrous for their business. To be able to do this, the owner may need to issue subsequent collection letters to tenants, and, if needed, letters of negotiation.

You can phrase your collection letters this way:

Please be reminded that you still have an outstanding balance of Php___ after depositing Php___ for October's rent. In order to make payments more manageable for you, I will allow you to settle the balance on an installment basis. 

As the deadline for your next payment is not until the 30th of this month, you can deposit the amount of Php___ on or before the tenth, fifteenth, and twenty-fifth, respectively. 

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