Friday, November 29, 2013

Why Writing for Exposure Can Be Better Than Writing for Pay (Part 3)

Here's the last type of freelancer who can get more from writing for exposure rather than pay:

The aspiring social media specialist

Entrepreneurs wouldn't hesitate to hire a net-savvy writer who can create a Facebook Page or Twitter account to appeal to a broader base of potential customers.

Over the years I have seen countless small businesses selling pastry and other baked goodies on Facebook. And yet, in order to achieve a substantial number of "Likes" on Facebook or followers on Twitter, businesses hoping to raise brand awareness must be discerning about what they'll promote and share, and even create an atmosphere where there can be moderated interaction among users.

If the owner has come up with a catchy, unusual, or even quirky name for his business, then you have to come up with an equally catchy tagline to sustain the interest of online visitors.

When it comes to information, it's good to keep the following tips in mind:
  • Think about what lends uniqueness to your client's products. If he bakes cupcakes to be served at kids' birthday parties, you might want to put a creative spin on such keywords as "birthday," "children's party," or "cupcake" as your selling proposition.
  • Focus on the "humanitarian angle" of the pastry business' history. This is usually the part that tugs at the heartstrings of most people. For example, your client may have been a former employee who decided to leave the workplace in order to balance his time between earning money and raising his family.
  • What do satisfied customers usually say about your client's goodies? It may not just be the taste, but also the attractive packaging, or the relatively affordable price.
In my next articles, I'll give you instructions on how to gain access to free information on creating a Facebook Page as a tool for marketing.

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