Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Make an Extra Php3,000-Php4,000 Monthly (Part 2)

In my previous post, I've shown you a couple of ways to catch the attention of potential buyers by phrasing your advertising copy effectively.

I have mentioned that magazines are some of the easiest things to sell online, and as a magazine collector myself, I know that most of the issues in my stash can be a prized possession for another reader.

There are a number of periodicals that publish collector's editions, like a double issue featuring two different celebrities. 

Also, magazines that cater to teenage girls usually have a separate issue for prepping up for the prom, from choosing a dress to finding the right hairstyle to applying makeup. Girls and their moms would surely want to take advantage of this to help them decide on which items they can afford to splurge or scrimp.

Again, the secret lies in crafting an enticing hook. Take a look at the following:

Looking for SLAM Magazine Collector's Editions? Get 6 for Php750

Back-to-back issues of SLAM are priced at Php200 each, so that's Php1,200 for a total of six issues. Offering them for Php750 is slashing almost 40 percent off the original total price.

Here's another one:

YM Prom Edition 1997-1999 for Php650

During those years, an issue of YM was priced at Php300, so three issues will add up to a whopping Php900. So imagine getting them for almost 30 percent off. 

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