Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Make an Extra Php3,000-Php4,000 Monthly (Part 1)

In my previous post, I talked about how you can make an easy Php1,000-Php2,000 out of helping homeowners who put up livable quarters for rent. Here's another tip that will help rake in more money for you:

Make yourself available to people who advertise value rather than novelty.

What does value over novelty mean? Simple. Products fall into the category "second-hand" or "used items," but usually, sellers of second-hand items are experts, or at least knowledgeable, of the existing market that will be willing to shell out cash for their goods. 

But second-hand sellers still need the right approach to assure that they don't end up shortchanged. There's a very fine line that separates haggling and settling for the best bargain. That's the top reason these sellers need a good copywriter. 

Now, who are the value over novelty merchants who are most in need of the touch of an expert communicator who can write effective copy?

I'll list a few to help you get an idea:

(1.) People who sell their second-hand stuff online

The term "second-hand stuff" covers a wide range of items, from vehicles (e.g. cars and motorcycles) and exercise equipment to something as seemingly trivial as comics, a deck of cards, toys, books, and magazines. 

Websites like and are two of the best-known local sites for buyers and sellers. If your clients are interested in peddling their wares through these sites, I advise you to err on the side of caution and take time to read and understand their terms and conditions before getting into any form of transaction.

Now, as a copywriter, I'll give you a simple illustration on how to create value for your second-hand sellers. 

A glossy magazine sold at a newsstand price of Php120-Php200 will lose more than half its value just two months later. It's not unusual to spot racks of magazines at the mall where an issue that fetched for Php120 in March come out in their stalls in May for the price of Php40-Php50.

Now, there are magazines that are prized for their excellent content and wide circulation, like Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Sports Illustrated, O, and fashion magazines like Vogue, Seventeen, Vanity Fair, etc. 

Also, if you're a dedicated hobbyist, you may have invested money on magazines that focus on topics like photography, needlecraft, and scrapbooking.

Magazines are some of the easiest stuff to sell, especially if you catch the attention of the readers who avidly read the types of magazines your clients want to dispose for cash.

You can negotiate with your clients that you will write three different copies for their online ads starting at Php3,000. Ask for your usual flat fee and a down payment of 30 to 40 percent of your copywriter's fee.

When writing your ad, it's best to craft your hook this way:

Get 3 Back Issues of Good Housekeeping for Php120!

It's a fact that the majority of online users have short attention spans. You have to catch their eye within 20 seconds after they land on the web page where your ad is located. If a buyer is interested, he will click on your ad to read further.

Notice carefully that I used a figure and didn't spell out the word "three," since we're not talking about writing a term paper or formal essay. If you happen to capture the attention of two to three avid readers who know their magazine like the back of their hand, they would easily know that three issues for the price of one is a steal.

Here's another way to write to entice online users:

Buy 3 Back Issues of Preview for Php200 -- and Get Your Fourth One FREE!

Because foreign publications are deemed a luxury here in the Philippines, local fashion magazines are highly preferred by salon owners, frugal shoppers, and students of cosmetology.

While it may seem like your client is charging Php200 for three issues, adding a fourth issue for free is actually offering four magazines for Php50 each.

Now, if your client has at least a year's worth of Good Housekeeping or Preview, that can already fetch him a total of Php480-Php600. If he has two, three or more years' worth of issues, that is already a goldmine.

In my next post, I'll show you how to craft more hooks to make potential buyers read your sales pitch.

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