Thursday, August 15, 2013

How A Features Writer Can Save Up on Magazines (Part 2)

In my previous post, I introduced the first two ways an aspiring features writer can save up on magazines. Here are my three other suggestions:

(3.) Examine the racks in your doctor's or dentist's clinic.

Haven't you noticed that most clinics usually have a stash of magazines in their waiting room? Waiting to get a consultation or treatment can eat up a significant amount of time, so clinics have magazines to keep patients entertained. 

I visit my dentist twice a year to get a prophylaxis, and occasionally I go to a dermatologist, too. I've noticed the wide array of reading materials in the waiting area, dealing with topics that have to do with health, fashion, lifestyle, and housekeeping.

Bring a notebook the next time you have an appointment scheduled, and while waiting for your turn, do a market study by scanning the magazines available. Take into consideration the names of the managing or associate editor. Better yet, if you see a web site, write it down and log on to it later.

(4.) Ask your family members, friends, or any other acquaintances if they have magazines at home.

This is an excellent way to discover new titles that may not be popular in newsstands, since there are magazines that can be bought only through subscription and people receive them through postal delivery.

(5.) Keep tab of clear-out sales.

There are book shops that don't intend to compete with major bookstores and prefer to cater to a limited number of readers instead. These are the kinds that periodically have sales to get rid of their surplus of reading materials. With discounts that go as high as 70 to 80 percent, an aspiring writer is sure to enjoy purchasing magazines while staying within a budget. 

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