Friday, August 9, 2013

Three More Possible Ways to Get Paid for Your Freelance Services

In my previous post, I cited the first two payment schemes that you can use in your freelance business. But you'll soon realize that as your career grows and you get more clients, the need to come up with other ways to get paid is crucial.

Freelance professionals rave over the following:

(3.) Ask for a money transfer.

Getting paid through money order or money transfer is a secure and reliable method if you have clients from different parts of the Philippines. Google "money transfer services Philippines" to know more about this.

(4.) Get paid through PayPal.

If you accept jobs or projects from foreign clients, this is usually the most preferred mode of payment.

(5.) Choose to get paid in kind.

Yes, you read that right! One of the advantages of the field of freelancing is the freedom not to ask for monetary remuneration if it would mean greater gain from your clients. I'll give you a few examples where getting paid in kind could be the better alternative:

  • If you write product reviews for consumer magazines or blogs, getting hold of "what's hot" in the market may also mean breaking your budget. Should a business owner ask you to put in a good word for her products or services, it's only reasonable to ask for a "free taste," or whatever is their equivalent of a freebie.
  • If you aspire to be a film or music critic, you may be aware of the expensive costs of movie tickets, CDs, and concerts. It would be sensible to start your career supporting the independent movie or music industry (conveniently grouped into a genre called "indie"). Network with film students, or keep tab of up-and-coming bands or performers. I was already well into my freelance career when a band from Scotland emailed me and asked if I could review their self-produced album. To be able to do this, they allowed me to download several of their songs.    

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