Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Quality Content Should Be of Utmost Priority

In my previous post, I have talked about the importance of SEO in getting your web site, blog, or articles on top of search engines. But SEO is merely the icing on the cake in the race to the top. What's even more important is the quality of your web articles.

Initially, your goal is to entice, or hook your online readers to get them to take a look at the products or services you're offering. But if your business is to be sustained and you want to keep at it for the long term, you need to constantly provide your readers with quality content.

To illustrate, I once wrote an article on how anyone can enjoy life regardless of their income, and I submitted it to a web site and tested my knowledge about driving more traffic towards my article. 

Now, because I was aware that since people come from a wide range of income levels, plenty of readers would like to know a thing or two about cutting costs here and there or getting more bang for their buck. 

I enumerated ten ways this could be done, and then did the following:

  • Since it's best to keep online articles short, I divided one long article into a two-part series. 
  • When thinking about a title, I tried playing around with the order of the words in order to make it sound catchy. (A catchy title is most likely to arouse the curiosity of your readers.)
  • I structured my article coherently, which means the flow of thoughts and ideas must hold the attention of my readers. 

Now, since my goal was to get my article on top of search engines, I Googled "The Best-Kept Secrets to Thrive on Any Income," and sure enough, I found my article on top.

Likewise, I typed the same order of words on the Yahoo! search engine, and my article landed on top, too.

By getting my article on top, the majority of online users would notice it first and read it. This is when I'll know that I have succeeded.

Stay tuned, because there's more to come in my next installments. 

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