Thursday, December 19, 2013

Five Tips for Crafting a Winning Profile for a Professional Networking Site (Part 4)

After writing a summary and providing your educational background, here are the other categories in which you can include anything that can strengthen your credentials:


During the last few decades it has become common for professionals with college diplomas to enroll in short-term courses through online universities or distance learning institutions. They do this to keep abreast of any latest developments or innovation in their field, and to stay on top of their game.

So include any specialized training that has equipped you with marketable skills. It's no longer sufficient to say that you're "knowledgeable" about a certain task. Potential clients want freelancers who have taken time to polish their skills.

Published Articles

This is important if you write features or submit content to websites and blogs. If you're known to write about one, two, or more topics, direct your readers by providing links to the articles only within the scope of those topics.


In certain careers like information technology, tutoring, and consulting, an examination needs to be taken to gauge an individual's mastery of the material.

Potential clients  will never overlook a freelancer who has cited important examinations he was able to hurdle. And if you can back them up with skills and experience, it just shows you're professionally well rounded.

Do come back for the fourth guideline of this article series. 

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