Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Tips for Crafting a Winning Profile for a Professional Networking Site (Part 5)

In my four previous articles, I have provided the first three guidelines for creating a winning profile for networking sites like LinkedIn and SkillPages. Here's the fourth one:

Omit anything irrelevant to your professional background.

I'm specifically talking about the heading Interests, which may seem like an insignificant part of your profile, but actually, it can also make or break your professional image.

Potential clients always seek out workers that are industrious, self-reliant, trustworthy, flexible, and resourceful among others. But they also want someone wise enough to figure out that if they want to avoid burn-out, they must make recreation a part of their routine.

And yet, if your hobby is unusual, quirky, or deemed as "too specialized," or one that is totally unrelated to your line of work, don't include it. There are some professionals who choose such hobbies because their careers can be mentally taxing and even physically exhausting, to the point that they want some form of escape, not just relaxation and a time to unwind.

On the other hand, there are freelancers who choose hobbies where they still get to practice a few of the skills needed in their job. It's now common to find a lot of amateur photographers and digital scrapbookers, and female freelancers who blog about their kids, dogs, and making sweet treats like cookies and brownies. 

Another thing to consider when omitting irrelevant information is leaving out your college course if it has nothing to do with your line of work, and especially if you made up by getting yourself certified through seminars and short-term courses.

Keep coming back as I round up this article series in my next installments.

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