Monday, January 13, 2014

Ever Thought About Hiring Yourself as A Profile Writer?

If you're the type of writer who can come up with tight, gripping, catchy, or even provocative copy, and you can give a fairly balanced assessment, why not make money writing profiles for clients who are looking for cost-effective ways to advertise themselves?

In our celebrity and media-driven culture, advertising and marketing campaigns can cost hundreds of thousands of pesos. Most freelancers in creative fields turn to self-promotion to avoid putting a huge dent on their budget.

You may have noticed the great number of freelancers proliferating in the blogosphere, or those who made personalized Pages on the social networking site Facebook, hoping to get noticed by their target audience.

However, without a coherent profile, these creative freelancers will only achieve modest success at best. So I'll cite the five categories of professionals to whom you can pitch your skills and talents.

Up-and-coming artists, sculptors, craftsmen, and illustrators

It would be helpful if you're knowledgeable about the art scene that exists in your area. If you're conversant with styles, you can immediately tell how the artist seeks to differ among his peers, who has influenced him, what sort of upbringing he had, etc.

The concern of most aspiring artists is to get as much exposure as possible, through exhibits, or getting support by writing solicitation letters to interested sponsors.

Having a website is also crucial. You can ask for the amount you usually charge for a flat fee, and then ask for PhP2,500-PhP4,000 for three web pages consisting of an About page, another one to serve as a "teaser" to introduce online viewers to his work, and another page for the artist's contact information.

Here's something to think about, though: art is not exclusive to a certain age. There are people who, after raising kids and retiring from the corporate world, suddenly get the urge to pick up a paintbrush.

There are also people who once led active lives but, due to an unfortunate twist of events (e.g. a vehicular accident), have been rendered an invalid and turned to painting and drawing as an outlet.

It's not unusual to find groups of artists who are invalids or have a disability of some sort, but were able to achieve financial stability, and, to some extent, fame because of self-reliance and persistence.

So the possibilities are endless when it comes to having a potential market.

Here's the next category:

Aspiring models and actors

While still on the early stages of their career, models and actors who have yet to make it big are always seeking out ways to cut the costs of promoting themselves.

It's a huge advantage for an aspiring celebrity to have his own website, where he can showcase himself in his best light, uploading photos of him in the most flattering angles and outfits.

However, images only make up part of a model or actor's marketing success. This group could use a lot of help when it comes to branding and identity, since potential agents would like to read a concisely written biography that briefly summarizes past modeling or acting experience.

Models and actors are not limited to statuesque men and women with perfect vital statistics. There are those who want to make it on theater or gradually build their resumes by accepting bit parts or doing cameos.

You can charge the same amount for the content of three basic web pages. You can also team up with freelance photographers, stylists, and makeup artists.

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