Thursday, January 9, 2014

Have More Free Time This 2014! Here's How (Part 2)

In my previous article, I have cited two ways a professional freelancer can have more free time this year. Here's the third one:

Determine which tasks can be delegated.

If you need to keep your records up-to-date, consider hiring a bookkeeper who charges at an hourly rate. If you keep track of every project or assignment within a two-week period, you should outsource accounting duties twice a month.

When you do so, have everything on hand (i.e. client's profile, nature of project, your rates, any receipts from expenses you've incurred, etc.), and then guide him by giving step-by-step instructions. Usually, two hours a day, two days a month is sufficient to keep your records in order.

When it comes to laundry duties, car maintenance (if you keep one to save on transportation fee), and other household tasks, you have the following options:
  • Incorporate your share of chores into your weekly schedule. Set aside a few hours every weekend for marketing and cooking food in bulk, freeze them, and heat only the right amount for every meal.
  • Stick to simple meals like soups or sandwiches on a couple of weekdays, and always have fruits handy.
  • You may want to consider doing the laundry no more than once week, since you don't have to think about getting your corporate attire in order. Ironing should be less frequent, too.
  • Consider bringing your bed sheets, blankets, curtains, and drapes to the dry cleaner.
  • Get some exercise by working around the yard. Occasionally, you can pay someone to clean so you can afford to give yourself a day off.
YOU SAVE: One hour a day

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