Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ever Thought About Hiring Yourself as A Profile Writer? (Part 2)

I started this week by introducing you to the possibilities of writing profiles for professionals who need a strong sense of Branding and Identity to advertise themselves and the kind of work they do.

Here's the third group of people that could be a potential clientele for you:

Events planners, caterers, and hosts

These are the types who are extremely organized, meticulous, and have trained themselves to hone their interpersonal skills.

It's not a secret that there will always be people who will celebrate their birthdays, decide to tie the knot, celebrate a wedding anniversary or graduation from college. There are also a lot of corporate events that focus on team building activities to promote good will and camaraderie among employees and bosses.

However, in order for such events to be successfully implemented, one has to hire someone to oversee every detail. So you can just imagine the demand for professionals who can act as facilitators and entertainers, and imagine preparing for events that will last for only several hours.

With the the founding of Facebook and social media marketing, your best bet as a profile writer is to charge for creating an interactive and engaging Facebook Page for your clients.

Large corporations and organizations make up the bulk of events planners' clients. A host can either be male or female, or, in children's parties, he could be a clown or a magician.

For caterers whose aim is to keep their clients' budget in mind, they may offer several options with the appetizers, entree, desserts, and drinks while still keeping within a reasonable figure.

When thinking about crafting a profile, think about three things:
  • Something simple and crisp yet easily recognizable
  • Something extremely edgy and catchy
  • If your client is particular about attracting a specific type of market (e.g. those who'd like a host for bridal and baby showers), effectively utilize the lingo or vernacular that is popular among that crowd. This would make it easier for potential clients to find the host's Facebook Page.

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