Friday, January 17, 2014

Ever Thought About Hiring Yourself as A Profile Writer? (Part 3)

To round up this three-part article series, I will cite the last two types of potential clients to whom you can offer the services of writing a profile. Here they are:

Freelance writers and bloggers

Having a writer's web site is crucial for anyone in this field who is serious about making a decent living, and people will never hesitate to pay for high quality web content, especially if it means generating more income by having more clients contact them through their sites.

Also, if the writer wants to submit book-length manuscripts to publishing companies and make it as an author, a web site can serve as a strong credential and proof that the writer knows the principles of marketing. If he has narrowed down his expertise to a few topics or a few genres and provided links to his clips or PDF versions of his articles, it would be a lot easier for an editor to assess his potential to get published.

As a general rule, a writer's web site should have an About page with a photo and a brief biography (no more than three paragraphs), a page for Clips, and a page where he can provide his Contact information.  

Here's one last group that doesn't necessarily belong to any category of professionals, but you can easily turn into quite a huge client base:

Men and women needing a personal ad for the purpose of meeting people online.

This includes singles who'd like to try online dating through reputable dating sites, dedicated hobbyists who want to meet like-minded people with similar interests, and book lovers who are fond of writing rave reviews (or rants) about their favorite literary works.

Be forewarned that a large group of singles have serious doubts about meeting someone online who could end up as a possible mate, and for a good reason. Nearly anyone can assume and operate on a false identity when meeting people online.

However, there are some dating sites who have made it clear that being honest about one's identity and upfront about one's intentions for relationships and marriage are what kept their businesses afloat in the online dating industry.

If a single person comes to you and asks for help in writing a personal ad, can you give him a balanced evaluation about the maturity of his character? And aside from spending several years in a career (proof that he's responsible enough to hold down a job), it's also important that he has several hobbies so he can easily be matched with someone with whom he's compatible.

Stay tuned, because for the rest of January until February, I will be focusing on making money from blogging.

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