Friday, January 24, 2014

In Order to Monetize, Learn to Optimize

You may have a lot of interesting things to share in your blog. You may have even uploaded photos that you think would enhance the lay-out and overall impact of your articles and make your readers take a second look every time they log online.

But here's a fact well-known among bloggers: writing quality content is just roughly one-third of the total equation when it comes to communicating effectively with netizens. And if you want to make serious money blogging, I think the following formula would be a fairly accurate evaluation of what you would need to do:

Thirty percent

  • Write quality content, which means articles that range from 250 to 400 words, are original, insightful or informative, and aim to meet the needs of target readers.
  • "Add-ons" like photos, illustrations, videos, animated tutorials, visuals, etc. should enhance your articles and not distract your readers. If you're going to use a good number of "add-ons," keep your lay-out simple, crisp, and use a black font over a white background.

Seventy percent 

  • Employ search engine optimization (SEO) as a tool to "get your blog out there," which means making it easier for search engines to find you by incorporating keywords to your blog articles.
  • Link your blog's URL to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.
  • Introduce yourself to bloggers who are writing about topics similar to yours, and ask if you can be a "guest blogger," which means you'll write one or several keyword-rich articles for your host blogger, and then provide your URL as a link so readers can be redirected to your blog.
  • When applying or bidding for online gigs, you can use your blog as a writing credential.
  • When querying an editor, provide your blog's URL in your email as proof of your writing experience.

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