Friday, January 10, 2014

Have More Free Time This 2014! Here's How (Part 3)

I'm now rounding up this three-part series by providing these last few guidelines:

Schedule your appointments along with your other errands.

Set aside two days every month when you can be out of the house the whole day. If you need to see your doctor or dentist, or would like to seek legal counsel or pay your taxes, see if you can also do the groceries afterwards or claim your money from the bank to which your clients made a bank transfer.

This is also a good idea if you don't pay your bills online. In the Philippines, establishments have been set up for the sole purpose of accepting electricity, water, and telephone bills.

YOU SAVE: Two days a month 

Set goals and plan ahead. 

You may wish to achieve a few major feats each year (e.g. write and market an eBook, organize seminars, take a course, etc.), or spend a shorter time working on smaller yet equally significant goals.

Keeping track of your projects and income and filing your documents should be your utmost priority. But consider purging any contract that has gone beyond three months after the date you got paid for your services, to avoid clutter. Enter the details into a spreadsheet and save it on your hard drive.

If you're a writer and you send queries, do it on a Monday or Tuesday. Editors are quick to reply to effective queries and may want you to submit your manuscript immediately. If you did a good job, you may earn at least several thousand pesos in a quarter.

YOU SAVE: One week every three months  

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